About Us:

“An Emerging Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing Company Exploring New Possibilities for Fashion”

Our Story:

Starting small as a home-grown business, Blue Hands International is now evolved into a distinguished manufacturing company located in Sialkot, Pakistan. The company was established by M. Wasim Choudhry in 2015, an ambitious man, with a dream to make high-performance fabric and top-quality garments accessible for clothing brands that stand out from the competition.

Since the company’s initial days, the team has been on a mission tobecome the frontline market player in fitness fashion and to help brands modernize their sportswearapparel. From infrastructure, and equipment to services, Blue Hands International is committed to serving premium sportswear, and urban streetwear to all brands without 0% compromise on quality, aesthetics, and affordability.

Who Are We?

We are a leading wholesale garment manufacturing company, serving the textile industry since 2015. With 7 years of experience under our belt and unlike others in the industry, we meet the competitiveness head-on with the current trends and fascinating designs.

Being a trusted choice of many clothing brands, we understand that meeting customer needs is always the key to success. Hence, at Blue Hands International we assist brands to provide their customers with exactly what they need with no shortage of demand or quality fluctuation. Whether you want premium custom pieces or small quantity items to get started your business, then Blue Hands International is just the manufacturer you need.

What We Do?

Simply put, we provide companies with wholesale garment manufacturing solutions that is both fast-fashion, cost-effective and trendy.

Want to know what happens when you partner with us?

Once you place your order, we start working on it through multiple manufacturing steps to ensure that the final fitness clothing line is exactly as you’ve imagined.

Our Production Process:

Check out our 11-step process that will give you an insight into our working strategies.

Step 1: Art & Development

First of all, we put down your ideas and visions in a summary. Based on your instructions, we create a sample design that you can test for fit and measurements. Upon receiving the feedback from consumers, we then develop the master fit and get started on your production line.

Step 2: Pattern House & Sample Development

There’s a product code and picture associated with each pattern. After you’ve selected the pattern, we start working on the pre-production sample to get it inspected and analyzed by you. Upon its approval, we move toward the production line.

Step 3: Fabric Sourcing

Blue Hands International only source its fabric from well-reputed local and international suppliers. We only use premium quality raw materials to manufacture your apparel. The fabric is also subjected to inspection before it goes into production.

Step 4: Cutting

Depending upon the garment requirements, the cutting process of the fabric is followed. The fabric is cut into different components (front, back, sleeve, collar etc,) which are then numbered and stored for further production. The cut components are also audited.

Step 5: Printing & Embroidery

Printing and embroidery are important aspects of sports apparel. According to the product design, the garments are sent for either of these processes or both of them. The printed and embroidered panels are checked for smooth embroidery finish and then sent for recutting process to begin the shaping process.

Step 6: Sewing

Throughout the years, we’ve perfected sports craftsmanship and we’ve mastered many different types of sewings that are used to stitch fitness clothes. At Blue Hands International, we only use imported and premium sewing machines that help us easily deal with customized garment requests.

Step 7: Table Inspection

Throughout the manufacturing, a Quality Control Inspector checks the sewing and stitching of the garments on all workstations. This guarantees that the operator produces the premium product. The stitched garments are inspected for dimensions, design, fit and trims before moving to the ironing section.

Step 8: Ironing

Steam iron is used to press the garments. This is important because ironing removes wrinkled and shrinkage from the fabric. It also helps with the garment quality and ensures a longer life span.

Step 9: Folding, Tagging & Packing

After ironing, garments are folded into specific dimensions. Tags such as hang tag, price tag and special care instructions are attached to the garment. Finally, these folded garments are packed into poly bags.

Step 10: Finished Product

In this step, the packed garments, either tagged or individual are sorted into size, and colour. Customer-instructed cartons for final shipping. These cartons are marked, stored and now ready to dispatch.

Step 11: Delivery

Now, you can sit back and relax. Your clothing line is complete and we use renowned shipping services such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS to send your products as quickly as possible. The tracking number is also shared immediately so you can keep the track of the shipment.

Read more about our detailed manufacturing process here.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Here are a few reasons that put us among the leaders in the industry.

  • Replica Aquanaut 5267/200A-011 Patek Philippe
  • Well-equipped manufacturing units, with the latest technology to sustain both larger and smaller orders
  • Ensure modern quality control techniques maintain zero defects in each product
  • Convert all creative and challenging designs into practical, wearable clothing options
  • Balance craftsmanship with cost-effectiveness and hassle-free experience for customer satisfaction
  • Reliable packaging in light of safety and convenience
  • Access to major national and international distributors for reliable and consistent business expansion

Our Mission

To allow companies to experiment with their designs without worrying about minimum order quantity (MOQ) and providing the latest manufacturing services to produce brand-specific and customer-centred apparel.

Our Vision

To help all companies achieve their goals of growth and expansion. We envision a future for wearables that are customized to the finest detail for each brand's vision, mission and purpose. 

Our Core Values

Transparency → We are where we are because of our unwavering commitment to transparency. We want all companies who partner with us to know exactly how we process their order, and how we work.

Easy Communication → Do You have questions? We like questions! Our team is always available to answer your queries. We also maintain communication via emails and messages for faster replies.

Quality Control → Before providing our items to our customers, we do several quality control inspections. Quality checks are also carried out on the final items' packaging.

Our Promise

Our main strength is the trust our clients have in our abilities and we maintain that with absolute commitment. We promise to bring your imagination to life as is with advanced manufacturing processes and a dedicated team.

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